Aston Martin has Entered the world of Motorbikes!

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In a move that I don't think anyone would have expected in a million years, Aston Martin have decided to venture into a new business opportunity. That new opportunity specifically is in the world of high end motorbikes! The AMB 001 is their first offering and it's being made in partnership with Brough Superior, a company that traces its roots back to 1919 but lay dormant from 1940 until 2008, when a vintage motorcycle enthusiast by the name of Mark Upham bought the rights to the name and decided to get the company back up and running again.

It's definitely fair to say that the AMB 001 is a very striking piece of engineering. It's incredibly sleek and streamlined, with a design flair about it that's very retro futuristic - you can easily imagine somebody in the 1940s thinking that this is what the future of the motorcycle would be. It may be all brushed, clean and sleek modern metal at first sight, but there are more than a few retro touches. The saddle is very much a classic affair, filled with beautiful tan leather that's hand stitched, and the handlebars match the saddle's aesthetic adding even further to that retro futuristic feel. Like a classic bike too, it also has a V-Twin engine - an absolute monster of one to boot. It's turbocharged and is expected to pump out around 180 hp and "huge" amounts of torque.

What's the catch? Well, firstly it's obviously going to be very expensive. It's expected to cost somewhere in the region of 108,000 euros. Secondly, it's only going to be built in very limited numbers - only 100 or so examples will be made, all handbuilt at Brough Superior's factory in Tolouse. Thirdly, it's not likely to be coming to the streets at any point soon. Aston Martin are very clear in the brief for this bike that it is supposed to be a thoroughbred racing machine. The sleek, streamlined design and the 180 hp turbocharged V-twin engine in a bike that only weighs 180 kilos means that this is no street cruiser. It's designed for one purpose and one purpose only - to absolutely tear up any track it's unleashed on, all in the style, grace and poise you'd expect from a modernist collaboration between two old names in their respective automotive fields.

Is this the start of a bold new world for Aston Martin? I certainly hope so. Whilst any car manufacturer going outside of its lane can be viewed with a lot of scepticism and that's understandable, it seems like Aston Martin know exactly what they're doing. They've teamed up with a big name in the motorcycle world, they're doing a limited run to make it a properly collectable vehicle and, if nothing else, it looks absolutely amazing! Hopefully there'll be more Aston Martin motorbikes in the near future. Maybe, with the company's increased investment in electrification (as demonstrated in their plans for the future of Lagonda), they'll try their hand at an electric bike next?

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  • I am sad, very sad. What's the point? an exorbitant price for a motorcycle because it just has a badge? desolais but nothing new. Turbo? back to the 80's .... a look mi cafe racer and last lotus concept ....

    180 horses ... a wrong face faux to the last ducati and ktm ..... sometimes must stay in his field

    9 days ago
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    • Same thing they tried with the Toyota iQ, they’ve put AM badges around the car and voila........40 grand without any sweat. 😁

      9 days ago
    • Pretty sure the IQ was about Aston Martin getting around EU regs regarding emissions. Nothing more, nothing less.

      8 days ago
  • Sex on legs . Ok wheels then.

    9 days ago
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