Aston Martin has made another thing that isn't a car – the AMR-CO1 simulator

Aston Martin has decided to dip a carbon fibre toe into the sim world

35w ago

Aston Martin has created a brand new carbon tub, but you won't be seeing it in one of its cars any time soon. That's because it's more suited to your bedroom carpet, although you may need to save up a supercar-level of pocket money to actually by one.

This thing is the AMR-C01 sim rig, a creation produced from a partnership between Aston and Curv Racing Simulators.

The project has been led by Aston Martin works driver – and simulator specialist – Darren Turner, and seeing as he is the man developing the Valkyrie hypercar right now, the rig's seat just so happens to be positioned in the exact orientation of the V12 game changer.

The in-built sim tech is the latest from Assetto Corsa, so this carbon fibre, Aston Martin-grilled sim will fit just nice into the luxury gaming rooms of the wealthiest teenagers out there.

I've seen sim racers reach the highest heights of esports by screwing a Logitech wheel to some plywood, or even by using a controller.

But if you feel that you need to immerse yourself in one of the most crazy rigs on the market, then cancel your Lotus Elise order, because the AMR-C01 comes in at £57,500 plus tax.

With deliveries due at the end of the year, this rig falls under the same category as the motorcycles, submarines and evil villain lairs that Aston Martin is apparently producing these days.

They're all very cool, but surely we'd rather this R&D was going into the Valhalla and Vanquish projects, rather than what seem like slightly unnecessary toys for the obscenely rich?

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Comments (21)

  • Looks so familiar. I hope they are paying to copy the design.

      8 months ago
  • A £57,500 simulator that doesn't comes with motored seats...I guess this is more for the "looks awesome in the living room" than to actually play games on.

      8 months ago
  • Stop it aston and give us more cars🤣

      8 months ago
  • Okay, it isnt a car, but shove a V8 on that, add some wheels and tyres, thatd make a pretty cool fast go kart 😃😎

      8 months ago
  • Nice, but a bit pricey!

      8 months ago