Aston Martin has some new variants of DB11 and Vantage models in the works

Aston is on fire

Aston Martin is on fire. Not literally I hope. But all jokes aside, after revealing the long-awaited DBX SUV and making a much-hyped comeback to F1 after 60 years, the company somehow managed to secure a deal as safety car supplier for Formula 1 and they now want to up the ante with their flagship vehicles, the Vantage and the DB11.

I don't wanna be the Devil's advocate here 'cause I know some people may have opinions about the guy but Lawrence Stroll made his fortune by revamping brands. That's what he does. He did it with Tommy Hilfiger, a brand I really like, and he also did it with Michael Kors, which is a brand I strongly dislike but he evidently made it successful. And now he's doing the same thing with Aston. Or at least attempting to.

I think Aston is moving in the right direction. The DBX is a much needed lifeline for Aston* and getting Vettel on board is guaranteed to win the hearts of F1 fans because it seems F1 supporters collectively adore the 4-time world champion. Aston is basically Britain's Alfa. We all know the company has issues but we still love it.

Tobias Moers, Aston's CEO, said he hopes the brand can continue using a V12 for the face-lifted DB11 and the Vantage. "The Vantage roadster is doing really well and we have another variant to come in the next two weeks," Moers said.

He also added that while he knows that SUVs are absolutely necessary, front-engined sportscars and supercars will continue to define the brand in the coming years. "The GT layout sports car segment for us is normally 3,500 to 4,000 cars and it has always been that size," Moers added.

*I'm well aware that the DBX was developed before Stroll's investment

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  • I'm afraid the Aston Martin is on fire 🙁

      1 month ago
  • All great until you hear they will be bringing out a electric sports car and will have to add more hybrids to the range🙁

      1 month ago