Aston Martin is creating its first SUV Crossover, and it looks incredible.

Aston Martin will be building its first ever crossover, and it's pretty exciting!

2y ago

Aston Martin, my all-time favourite car brand just recently announced that they will be designing, and producing its first ever SUV/Crossover vehicle EVER. All of the other luxury brands have already done so - Porsche and Lamborghini just to name a few - and now Aston is stepping up to the plate. Will it pass with flying colours, or fail miserably? That's a risk that they're willing to take because they aren't afraid to try something new when it comes to cars. It’s the firm’s first SUV, the most controversial of body types for such a brand but also potentially the bestselling and most profitable. The DB11, Vantage and DBS Superleggera have already come out as the first three models in that plan and now the focus switches to the fourth, the DBX, which Palmer says “will shine a torch” to the future of the brand.

I don't see any negatives with the SUV so far. The styling is sleek and stylish, like all Astons are, and I can really see this taking off, and its a really clever and smart idea. I think all luxury car makers should have a SUV version in my opinion, because everyone enjoys off-roading. Especially if they can get their hands on this beauty!

According to reports, the new Aston SUV will be named The Verakai, derived from the Roman word for "Wherever" which is quite suitable for an off-road vehicle. The new car will come equipped with a vast array of powertrain options, including Mercedes AMG sourced V8 and V12 engines, and a hybrid system that has been used in the AMG GT 4-door coupe, and could possibly pump out 400 HP. Following the trend of the DB11, Vantage and DBS Superleggera, the DBX will get its own distinct front grille design and styling touches. Sharp lines and creases are understood to be a feature of the side bodywork, to draw the eye as much as possible away from the fact that this is ultimately a more bulky Aston than any before it, which shouldn't really be an issue.

I don't know about you, but I think this is cutting edge and risky for Aston. It doesn't remind me of any other car on the market like you see with other supercars. "Oh, that looks like a Jag." The one thing that I do admire about Aston and this new and exciting supercar, is that they are following through with their concept ideas and not just leaving it to collect dust. And they are 100 percent sure that this will become a best seller. There doesn't seem to be a price for the new Aston yet, but I believe it will be a little more reasonably priced than other models.

Details surrounding the DBX have been slow, but various reports have revealed a few interesting tidbits about the DBX. One in particular involves the crossover’s side mirrors, or the lack of them. Turns out, the DBX will make use of the rear view cameras instead of traditional mirrors to aide in its sleek look. This is a similar setup to how it was presented in the DBX Concept and applied to the Valkyrie hyper car. Aston is also looking into adding a hybrid or plug-in hybrid variant, as well as an all-electric model, but time will tell.

Some of you may like the styling, and some of you may think it's an absolute waste of time. Some of you will agree with me, and others will think that I've completely lost my mind. Err, right...

Best of luck, Aston!

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  • looks like a major "headache" on a bumpy off-road, if you know what I mean :D

      2 years ago
  • Great post Cate yes best of luck indeed it is risky but as you said it unique looks a treat. No risk no reward

      2 years ago
  • Yeah, this does not look incredible. You need a detox asap! We're here for you and it's not your fault.

      2 years ago
    • I think it's cool! Well at least you're comical about your reply. Lol

        2 years ago
    • Judging by your garage and your activity, you do have great please keep the content coming Cate.

      After rehab though damn it.

        2 years ago
  • I'm always a bit unconvinced about an Aston SUV, until I remember Maserati's done one. And it worked.

      2 years ago
  • So they have confirmed it'll be known as the DBX though?

      2 years ago