Aston Martin open to becoming F1 engine supplier

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Aston Martin has been appearing on the F1 radar over the past few days. Earlier this week a report from claimed that Red Bull Racing and Aston Martin will sign an agreement that will make Aston the Formula 1 team's title sponsor in 2018. It has been reported that the new deal would be similar to that of Red Bull's past partnership with Infiniti, potentially dubbing the duo Aston Martin Red Bull Racing.

However, a new piece of news has come straight from the CEO of Aston Martin's mouth, Andy Palmer. When speaking to SkysportsF1 stated:

"If we can get more theatre back into the sport, and if we can reduce the cost of the engine, then Aston might be interested in producing an independent engine.

"And with that independent engine, with that destination in mind, it would make sense for us to increase our participation, even as soon as next year.

"Hopefully we will know [about the new regulations] by the end of the year."

Aston Martin has been increasing its involvement in Formula 1 over the past two years both on and off the track with Red Bull Racing. Red Bull Advanced Technologies has played a large hand in the development of the automaker's Valkyrie hypercar, and Aston Martin's branding has appeared on Red Bull cars and uniforms since 2016.

Red Bulls future engine supply

After Renault announced last week that they will no longer supply Red Bull Racing with their engines post 2018 and the announcement that Toro Rosso will run Honda engines for 2018 places Red Bull Racing in a unique situation as it appears that the potential Aston engine would power the Red Bull team.

Considering that the Formula 1 is looking to change the engine formula post 2020, it appears any potential entry by Aston Martin won't occur before 2021. This leaves the question of how Red Bull Racing proceeds with the Honda engine supply for 2019.

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