Aston Martin Racing at Brands Hatch: The Passion & Power Without The Price Tag

The name Aston Martin has become entrenched into the very bedrock of British culture. How many of you saw the name Aston Martin and had your minds redirected to a certain secret agent, operating for Her Majesty's Government. Aston Martin conjures up images of power, passion & old-school sophistication. And this Saturday, these automotive beauties are coming to Brands Hatch for a day of very British motorsport.

The Aston Martin Owners Club brings together models from across the lifespan of the brand, from Pre-War machines up until the mighty V8 Vantages of modern times. As well as the on-track action, a host of Aston Martin owners will be in attendance, showing off their machines for you to get up-close & personal with. Furthermore, with the open paddock and pit lane area, you can see the teams, drivers & mechanics working and refining their majestic machines.

The Aston Martin Pre-War Challenge

The Aston Martin GT Challenge

One of the highlights of an already great day is the Intermarque GT Challenge, where the Aston Martin Owners host an invitational race where other marques can 'take on' the hosts. Expect nothing less than classic GT racing at its very best, as Aston Martin defends its honour against names like Porsche, Jaguar & Ferrari.

The Intermarque GT Challenge

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