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Aston Martin Reveal New V8 Cygnet At Goodwood!

21w ago


By Phil Bradley

To kick off the Goodwood Festival of Speed for 2018, Aston Martin have unveiled what they call the 'ultimate city car', the V8 Cygnet.

The car is a one-off Aston Martin Cygnet packed with a 4.7L, 430BHP V8 engine from the Vantage S. It has been created through special commission by Q by Aston Martin for a single customer. The commission service offers the ultimate freedom of expression when designing an Aston Martin, and this is clearly shown in the Cygnet.

The firm started with a standard RHD Cygnet model, and added a roll cage, a new front bulkhead and transmission tunnel to accommodate the V8 engine going beneath the bonnet. There is no disguising the additions to the wheel arches though, which were built to accommodate significantly wider front and rear tracks. These wheel arches are made from carbon composites, and house much bigger, five-spoke, diamond turned wheels, which have increased from 16" to 19" in diameter.

The Cygnet now has central, twin exhaust pipes, to which twin underfloor mufflers. As a result of the short distance between the manifold and the exhaust tip, the V8 Cygnet makes a good sound too.

The engine remains to have the same output as in the Vantage S, with 430BHP and 490NM of torque. It allows the Cygnet to reach 60MPH faster than the Vantage S though, taking it to the speed in just 4.2 seconds, and has a top speed of 170MPH, making it over 60MPH faster than the regular Cygnet. This top speed is helped by the car only weighing 1375KG, giving it a power-to-weight ratio of 313BHP/tonne.

The exterior is painted Buckinghamshire green, with contrasting yellow calipers. Inside, the V8 Cygnet has fixed back Recaro bucket seats with four-point harnesses, indicating that the car can be used for competition racing. The alcantara steering wheel is removable, but there are some luxuries still left inside, with leather pull straps, carbon door cards and two, USB ports in the console.

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Comments (40)
  • I can't help but think: why are there very large fenders?

    4 months ago
  • Explain to me well, here's how in this little miracle stuck engine V8 4.7L, 430 hp And it goes ASTON MARTIN V8 CYGNET interesting and revive the Ukrainian car industry ZAZ 965 with such a motor ....

    4 months ago


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