Aston Martin SUV will arrive in 2019

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If you want to stab a car enthusiast through the heart, forget using something as primitive as a knife or dagger - simply inform them that another treasured performance car maker is conforming to the trend of the times and making an SUV. Before you know it, they’ll have collapsed in agony!

It is unfortunate then that I must be the messenger that people want to shoot after they have an emotional heart attack: Aston Martin’s SUV will be officially unveiled in 2019!

While the news of an Aston SUV isn’t particularly new - with the DBX concept being showcased at Geneva all the way back in 2015 - the knowledge that it’s nearing production is bound to result in all the appropriate insults readying themselves in people’s vocabularies. But the only crumb of comfort that we can really gain from Aston’s SUV is in the potential profit that could be made from it, and then injected into a much more exciting project.

The SUV - which will be called the DBX after the 2015 concept - will have to battle it out with the Lamborghini Urus, Ferrari Purosangue, Maserati Levante, Bentley Bentayga, BMW X5 M, Porsche Cayenne Turbo, Range Rover SVR, Rolls Royce Cullinan, and Lotus’s currently unnamed SUV.

Despite the fact that it will inherit the DBX name from the previously revealed concept, it’s said that the production DBX will look nothing like the concept car - probably because the 2015 car followed Aston’s now defunct styling direction. Also, the production DBX will feature 4 doors rather than the concept’s 2.

Following Aston new design language, it will inevitably resemble their current range of DB11, DBS, and Vantage. Regardless of what the DBX will eventually look like itself however, I imagine looking at it next to any of Aston’s sports car range would be akin to looking at twins; while one twin has pursued an athletic lifestyle, resulting in supermodel beauty, the other has committed themselves to cream cakes and burgers, resulting in them having a career in the roly-polies.

Prejudice aside, it’s thought that the DBX will be powered by Aston’s recently announced turbocharged V6 engine. Closely related to their 5.2L Twin-Turbo V12, the V6 will feature in their 2021 hypercar, code-named Project 003. Before then however, Aston may be using it in the DBX, and their Ferrari 488-rivalling mid-engined supercar, set for release in 2020.

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Written by: Angelo Uccello

Twitter: @AngeloUccello

Facebook: Speed Machines - DriveTribe



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