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      What's this car built for?

      Aston Martin and Red Bull Racing prepare team up to race a new mid-engined hypercar – nickname was the ‘son of Valkyrie’ – for outright victory at famous World Endurance Championship 24hours Le Mans in 2020.

      However, with the Valkyrie sold out already and the ‘son of Valkyrie’ due to be launched at that time as a modern-day equivalent of the McLaren P1, Aston boss Andy Palmer confirmed to Autocar that this was the likely direction the firm would take.

      Speaking to Autocar

      Aston Martin chief executive officer Andy Palmer didn’t want to confirm nor deny the possibility of winning the 24-hour race in 2020.and he said “I’m hesitant to confirm we will race at Le Mans before the final regulations have been confirmed, because our experiences in Formula 1 have taught us that in motorsport ideas that begin optimistically can ebb away, but we have a great deal of interest in the new regulations at Le Mans,” , referencing the Le Mans organisers’ goal to reduce budgets from current.

      According to Aston Martin boss Andy Palmer, the sports car maker will enter the Valkyrie's replacement in the 2020 Le Mans 24 Hour.

      Valkyrie AMR Pro 002

      Valkyrie AMR Pro 002

      Originally, it was thought a race car based on the Valkyrie AMR Pro would provide the ideal basis for Aston to launch a Le Mans challenge. But since the wild new hypercar is sold out it makes more sense, Palmer told Autocar, to use the Valkyrie's replacement to chase down an outright victory at Le Mans.

      Aston Martin has confirmed its forthcoming Valkyrie hypercar will not compete at the 2019 Le Mans, despite changes to the regulations that will allow road-derived and concept hybrid cars to compete in the world's most famous endurance race.

      The Fédération Internationale de l'Automobile advocates for racing cars based on production models for the top-tier class, and this is where the son of Valkyrie fits in like a hand in glove. In the words of the governing body, “aerodynamics cannot take precedence over aesthetics.”

      Derived from the racing version of the Valkyrie (which bears the suffix AMR Pro), the son of Valkyrie is developed by a team of talented engineers headed by Formula 1 designer Adrian Newey. You know, the guy who designed championship-winning cars for Williams, McLaren, and Red Bull. As if that wasn’t enough for his resume, Newey made the rounds in CART, with his designs winning the 1985 and 1986 titles of the open-wheel racing series.

      “The underlying fact is that son of Valkyrie will drop at exactly the right time, and if that means it would be able to go into the event and race LaFerraris, Porsche 918s and Sennas, then I cannot think of anything better,” concluded Palmer. 

      The Vanquish nameplate may have just been relegated to the subs bench but it is set to return pretty soon on a new mid-engined supercar, and the legendary British brand and the Milton Keynes Formula 1 team are working on one.

      Aston Martin To Revive Vanquish Name For Mid-Engined Supercar.Watch The Adorably Angry V8-Powered Cygnet Take On Goodwood .It was originally thought that Aston Martin's upcoming mid-engined car would be something of a Ferrari 488 GTB or McLaren 720S rival – and such a car may still be happening – but Aston Martin CEO Andy Palmer has told Autocar that another mid-engined car, dubbed the "Son of Valkyrie," is in the pipeline.

      Bond Edition

      Bond Edition

      Credit Google

      Credit Google

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      • Isn't Cosworth Making The Engine? Because if you go to their website it looks exactly like the Valkyrie

          2 years ago
      • Love those all liveries

          2 years ago
      • We never know, Aston’s 2020 mid-engined supercar would well turn out to be this. Great read! Thanks for sharing buddy 😊

          2 years ago
      • All of a sudden I think the McLaren Senna looks quite nice

          2 years ago


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