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This is Aston Martin's supercar with two wheels

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When a prestigious automotive manufacturer creates a product outside of their typical portfolio, it sparks plenty of interest and raises many questions. Why would they not invest into creating another car? Why not further improve their current lineup? The AMB 001 by Aston Martin and Brough Superior will simply vanquish your concerns through its cool factor. Aston claim they have created a product that draws skills and expertise from many of their greatest cars, including the Valkyrie. Don't worry if you are not a motorbike enthusiast, as I will endeavour to explain this masterpiece from the perspective of a car enthusiast.

Aston Martin

Who is Brough Superior?

Aston Martin usually collaborates with exotic partners when they create uncharacteristic products. I am looking at you, Toyota Cygnet. Aston has also worked with Zagato and Waldorf Astoria Hotels in the past, to name a few high-end partners. Brough Superior is an English motorcycle company that were dubbed "the Rolls-Royce of motorcycles" by one newspaper. The brand was founded in 1919 but vanished in 1923 until it resurfaced 90 years later. It is a brand of craftsmanship, exclusivity and luxury. Their clientele was pretty special too, as their flagship model, the SS100, was purchased by Lawrence of Arabia.

Aston Martin

It is the Lotus Elise of superbikes

When an Aston Martin create a track-only and limited edition vehicle, you know it is beyond special. The AMB 001 will see just 100 units and all of them are for track use only. The vehicle uses a double wishbone front fork, which is one of the most desirable types of front suspension when it comes to performance motorbikes. The chassis is composed from carbon-fibre and titanium, the body panels are carbon-fibre, the visible metal components are billet aluminium and the engine covers were machined by an aeronautical supplier. Everything has been created to reduce weight and to provide maximum rigidly. All of this allows the AMB 001 to have a dry weight of just 180kg (397lbs). For reference, the BMW S1000RR with 207hp weighs just a nudge more at 197kg (434lbs).

Aston Martin

Wild performance

The British manufacturer claims the AMB 001 uses a "DOHC 997cc 8-Valve 88-dergree V-twin, Water and Oil cooled, short stroke". All you need to know is that 997cc is acceptable for a high-performance bike, although many of its competitors have far larger engines with some over 1300cc. Like a car, a larger engine does not guarantee more power. And so, the AMB 001 employs the use of a turbocharger to produce a strong 180hp (134kW). The vehicle is fitted with a 6-speed gearbox and an APTC clutch with a final drive by chain, the strongest and most effective layout for a superbike as it allows for hard acceleration. Acknowledging the AMB 001's competitors, power and lightness, it should accelerate to 60mph in under 2.4 seconds. Official figures are currently undisclosed.

Aston Martin

Exclusivity is emphasised by the price

The saddle is composed from hand-stitched Oxford Tan leather that is claimed to be a "perfect fit for the human form". Then again, it better be considering the vehicle is priced at 108,000€ ($120,000 USD) inclusive of VAT. Once you do place an order, your superbike will arrive in the final quarter of 2020.

Aston Martin

Would you consider the AMB 001 over other superbikes?

The strict track legality is unfortunate indeed, however, this handcrafted art piece will probably end up in the hands of owners who already own a garage road-legal superbike.

Thanks for reading and feel free to share your thoughts in the comments.

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  • that's not a bike.... it's some petrol head's idea of a bike.... performance is low comparing it with the price . Is just an accessory for some stupid reach guy to brag about over a golf game...

    7 days ago
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  • I like how every car nut will piss their pants looking at this because its Aston, but the truth is its nothing special. You can easily buy better performing, handling, looking bikes for a fifth of its price. As for exclusivity, yes it is extremely limited but not 120k limited.

    7 days ago
    7 Bumps
    • I didn’t want to bash Aston’s newest product but you are certainly right. There are plenty of new and used motorbikes that could beat this around a track. Maybe it performs better...

      Read more
      7 days ago
      2 Bumps
    • Doesn't that also apply to Aston Martin cars? I remember the Vantage GT12 was slower than the Golf GTI Clubsport S around the Nordschleife, which, considering the NS is quite a...

      Read more
      7 days ago
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