Aston is know for its luxury grand tourers and old fashioned sports cars. Well this really is a turn of events...

Introducing the Aston Martin Vulcan - a track-only supercar and the British luxury brand's most intense and exhilarating creation to date. The name is a pretty bold call... Naming it after our country's famous Cold War bomber. On of the great engineering projects in Britain for the last 100 years.

So what is the Vulcan? Put then answer in the short form you get this... The most powerful, the fastest and most extreme Aston to date. The motor in this car is mega. A 7.0L naturally aspirated V12 with a knob to control your horsepower. power starts at 560 bhp in the lowest setting, in full man mode, however, you get a silly yet wonderful 820 bhp to play with. The engine gives the Vulcan a top speed of over 200 mph and that's with the extensive amount of aero. The massive power isn't propelling much weight either, about 1350 kg to be exact. you can thank the lack of hybrid wizardry for this. But this power and weight gives the Vulcan a 0-60 time of sub 3 seconds.

Things get better to, like the XX program cars and the P1 GTR there are approved track days where you can take your car and race with people who have got the same car, fantastic. Good old one make race series. Aston take the pros further. Unlike the P1 GTR and XX cars, customers of the Vulcan can take their car home and keep it. Another positive to rack up for the Aston.

The Vulcan's exhaust cover

The chassis is also race spec. A full carbon fibre monocoque made by Aston Martin's engineering partner Multimatic. It also features a integral limited-slip differential, magnesium torque tube with carbon fibre prop shaft. Brakes are Brembo 6 piston calipers with race spec carbon ceramic disks. Front brake dimensions are 380mm and the back we see 360mm disks. The gearbox is pretty fast to. A Xtrac 6-speed sequential gearbox is married to the V12. Aston's Vulcan will comply with all relevant race safety requirements.

"It feels like the fastest racing car i've driven in a straight line."

Chris Harris on the Vulcan

However its not all pros. It has its cons. The Vulcan is a limited edition car with only 24 examples world wide. which means the chances of seeing one is extremely unlikely... Being able to drive one would be extremely rare, let alone owning one. And of course there's the price of all this carbon porn. Its 2.4 million pounds... I don't think you could sell the house for this car.

The Vulcan to me really is Aston at their very best and probably one of the best British made cars in a long time. Unlike the FXXK and the P1 GTR it doesn't have new hybrid systems and fancy aero tech. But i'm not sure we care... It's one of the best driving machines on the planet.

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