Aston to provide F1 safety cars from 2021

      The marque will share responsibilities with Mercedes from next year.

      An agreement has been confirmed between Aston Martin and Mercedes which will allow the former to provide F1 safety cars for 12 out of 23 races in the next year's season. Historically, this will be the second time the British and the Germans participated in the same event since the Battle of Britain.

      The company released a statement, in which they refused to comment on the "speculation", but also stated that they were "excited and focused on (their) imminent return to Formula 1 as a full works team, for the first time in more than 60 years, in 2021."

      It's expected that Aston Martin will operate at races held in countries where the company has a large market share, although it's not clear which safety car will be used. It has been confirmed however that the DBX will act as a medical car.

      This is actually an amazing opportunity for Aston to showcase how great their cars are, since these days it seems that everyone is ignoring the beauty of British grand tourers and opting to purchase big Range Rovers instead. The resurrection of the British grand tourer is about to begin...

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      Comments (6)

      • Oke but who wants to see an AMG GTR Safety car and a Aston DBS do a drag race on the F1 circuit before the race?šŸ˜‚

          17 days ago
      • Will only be the ones with merc engines I suspect.

          16 days ago
      • Prettiest thing on the track

          16 days ago
      • Iā€™m happy

          17 days ago
      • Yesssss... Finally we will see something different from those Mercs

          17 days ago


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