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Although the concept of the RapidE was unveiled back in 2015, it has been announced recently by Aston Martin's CEO and President, Mr Palmer, that this; first-ever ALL-Electric Aston will be put into production and will be realised sometime in 2019. Unfortunately, the British car manufacturing company has decided that they will manufacture only 155 of these £200,000 super luxury cars, which makes it extremely hard to own or even spot on the road.

Based partially on the outer body structure of the Rapide S, the RapidE, after being fully charged, is likely to last for a good 200 mile (322Km) before it runs out of juice. Deriving from the sketch that Aston has shared, the car is probably going to have one bold blue racing stripe running over it, with a little more blue on the front radiator grill and on the rear bumper. Although the new sketch looks rather different from what Aston Martin had originally shared with the world back in 2015, it can confidently be concluded that this is one pretty looking Aston.

The car is going to share the same name as it’s combustion engine sibling, with the exception of the last alphabet in the automobile’s name, which will now be an ‘E’ instead of an ‘e’, signifying Electricity or Eco-friendly or something.
Nothing has been given away in terms of what is likely to replace the massive 6.0 lit V12 of the original Rapide S, other than the fact that the RapidE is likely to churn out somewhere close to 1000 horses.

The RapidE Concept unveiled in 2015 All image source:

This seems to be Aston’s attempts to prove to everybody that they are not lagging behind when it comes to saving the world from CO2 emissions. The RapidE also plans on giving the American electric automobile pioneers at Tesla some serious competition.

To end on an exciting note, I speculate that this new all-electric Aston is going to give birth to the hybrid cars series for the company.
Can't wait to meet this magnificent machine in person, during my next trip to Europe.

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  • I wonder why they will only be producing 150 examples of this.

    1 year ago
  • Looks pretty good👍 but ... electric?? ... I don't know 🤔 no sound ...

    2 years ago
    • no, I completely agree! everyone's going to miss the V12 rumble of the Rapide S or the AMR. But you have to hand it to Aston for such high aspirations; imagen 1000BHP finally a true...

      Read more
      2 years ago
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    • I agree it's good work by Aston👍 I will be exciting to see it when it's done 😉

      2 years ago
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