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A mixture of Britain and Italy sounds ideal doesn't it?

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A rebodied Mclaren 12C made in 2019 sounds a bit of a naff description. The car would be almost 10 years old brand new and ATS will only make 12 of them for historical reasons (they went bust in the 1960s after making 12). So far this doesn't sound so good, we already have a McLaren 12C so what justification is there for this one?

I'll resist the temptation to say the ATS is a McLaren in an sharp Italian suit, but to look at the ATS you immediately conclude that it is a brilliant. Those large circular brakelights dominate the rear and look fabulous. ATS want the car to evoke the GTS of the 1960s and it does have a similar profile, but it doesn't look retro in the same way a new Alpine A110 does. It simply looks remarkably crisp. The bespoke interior too, has a clear Italian flair to it, save for the obvious McLaren windscreen wiper.

The chassis is immediately identifiable as a McLaren. Taking the first few corners in an ATS and you are immediately reminded of a 12C, the agility within the chassis is almost tangible, the ease by which you can control the ATS really speaks for itself, there really is delicate balance to the chassis which you can easily exploit. The steering is if anything even lighter than in a 12C, brilliant and intuitive most of the time but can occasionally teeter on being unbalanced when cornering on uneven roads, beginning to feel light in the front.

It may be placebo (or more likely lazy sound design) but the ATS sounds more dramatic than a McLaren, sounding more like a Ferrari than it has any right to do so. Speed backs this claim up too, acceleration is suitably quick thanks to the McLaren engine. Braking too is strong enough to slow the car down thanks in part to the McLaren airbrake.

The only problem with the ATS is that it feels just as good as a 12C in a world where we have the 720.

A dated gem

*Sorry for the later then average upload, the Forza Gallery was down for me and I wanted some good high-quality photos for the article. Ryan :)

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