Attacco Cardiaco Sportivo

A​lfa Romeo have just announced that they are cancelling the upcoming GTV and 8C cars in favour of an additional SUV.

I​'ll let that sink in for a moment.

The brand that delivered a succession of iconic two and four seat sports cars has decided that it would rather make SUVs.

I think it shows a lack of ambition and vision. Alfa needs the GTV/Spider otherwise they are nothing but another box maker. Without a sports car in the range there is little point spending the money on F1 as there is nothing to translate that interest.

I remember buying my 146. I went into the dealer and they had a GTV and Spider. They were the cars that I really wanted, and spent the most time looking at. Practicality won out though and I bought a 146. It was the allure of the sporting heritage and getting a car in the same range as those beautiful machines that helped me put down a deposit though.

In the larger FCA/PSA group there should be room for an aspirational sports car. Mazda manage it, VAG have the TT, Ford are keeping the Mustang even though they are transitioning the rest of brand towards SUVs.

Perhaps part of the issue is the 4C. Its well liked by journalists and is quite a car. Its also too far away from the rest of the range to provide that inspirational link. Its almost 8C territory when it comes to most people. I wonder if there was an expectation that it would get people flocking into dealerships but failed. Not because it isn't a good car, but because its the wrong car.

If they are going to prosper Alfa need a £35-45k sports car. Something that's in a similar price bracket to a Giulia, as the GTV was with the 155, so that people will consider them. They can keep making the same car for 30 years, as the did with the Duetto, just make something for people to lust after.

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