Attention to details: Lamborghini Aventador

a peek into some of the little-known details of lamborghini's v12 flagship

4y ago

When the Lamborghini Aventador debuted at the 2011 Geneva Motor Show, several key components helped it stand out as a revolutionary step forward for the manufacturer's iconic V12 rockets. A carbon fiber monocoque, pushrod suspension, kick-you-in-the-back ISR gearbox and Lamborghini's first all new V12 in around five decades. Today these features continue to set the Aventador apart from its competition (Aston Martin's Vanquish, Ferrari's F12berlinetta), but a couple of the LP700-4's details still go unnoticed by most.

The Lamborghini Mucielago LP640-4 was the last V12 Lambo before the Aventador's angry-hornet exhaust note began scaring children around the world. It's 6.5 liter V12 needed as much air as it could get, and Lamborghini engineered a unique solution that found its way to the Aventador, albeit in a different form. Located on the car's "shoulders" next to its engine bay, the Murcielago flaunted vents that would extend upward to capture more air in order to gulp in more air for the monstrous engine. The Aventador takes a similar approach, but with a much sharper and drag-efficient design. When the ambient temperature exceeds 95 degrees Fahrenheit or speed exceeds 99 mph, two slivers of metal on the cars “shoulders” extend from the body work to suck more air into the engine bay. The Aventador’s vents are far more discreet than its predecessor’s, but still give the supercar a more menacing shape when activated.

Another detail that few know of can be found in the Aventador’s engine bay. A carbon fiber cross brace forms an “X” above the V12, but it doesn’t perfectly line up with the middle of the engine. This wasn’t a mistake made by Lamborghini’s engineers. The brace is set a few inches to the left of the engine to counteract the weight of the driveshaft. Altogether, this offset keeps the Aventador balanced, if not completely symmetrical.

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(Photos courtesy of Lamborghini and DedRokGallery)

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