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I’VE NEVER REALLY got the hang of social media. I know that as a seventeen-year-old, my pupils should be rectangular and I must have whatever new device Apple has released this week in my hands at all times, but I’ve always failed to see the irresistible attraction in posting up my every meal or bowel motion as if the whole world is watching and waiting with bated breath.

I frequently see those of my own age hammering furiously at their screens like the arms of a secretary’s typewriter, completely engrossed in a self-created reality TV show of which they are the host. They float around in a fictional trance, with an invisible cyber-blizzard whirring constantly around them.

I can’t help but wonder whether they just love their friends to a truly disturbing degree or if they’ve only just emerged from a cave in East Congo and find every single meaningless, frivolous thing a fellow human being does as being worthy of international acclaim.

"If you are a petrol head, you could use a social media platform to share your passion with fellow petrol heads. And so far as I can gather, that’s what DRIVETRIBE is all about"

James Coleman

Perhaps I’m being an old man about it. Perhaps I’m viewing anything that was not part of life back in the good ol’ days as something that should not be cared less about. And to some degree, that’s true, because back in the good ol’ days, nobody seemed to care about what you ate for breakfast or what shoes you bought, and I’ve always presumed they still don’t.

I will, however, remove the moth balls from my cupboard and admit that social media has its uses. Relatives can stay up to date from a safe distance. Photos and videos can be efficiently shared to hundreds without your email server throwing in the towel. You can meet new people and they can meet you. And if I were John, I would say it were definitely more hygienic than meeting your disease-ridden friends on a face-to-face basis.

Or again, if you are a petrol head, you could use a social media platform to share your passion with fellow petrol heads. And so far as I can gather, that’s what DRIVETRIBE is all about. A soapbox from which one can empty himself of all his pent-up petrol-scented fervour for the automobile, in all its forms.

At least that’s what John, Josh, and I will be using it for. We are young and don’t even possess full licences or own cars in our own right, but before you throw us away as those who cannot possibly know what we’re on about, consider an upside to this immaturity. We will know exactly how best to use this social media thing to its fullest potential.

Except we don’t. So we will rest content in ranting and raving about what we love and just hope it somehow gets out there.

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Or do I mean ‘join our Tribe’?

At very least, please ‘bump’ us. I think that’s a good thing.

NOTE: At present, DRIVETRIBE only allows one Tribe Leader, so we've chosen John Coleman, but both Josh Lancaster and I will be joining him when the option for multiple leaders becomes available. At the moment, we all post under 'John Coleman', which is a bit of an insult, but can't be helped.

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