Audi A6 rewiew

My first ever rewiew on Drivetribe. It will be awful...

10w ago

This is ... an Audi A6 in the C8 body. It was introduced in 2018 as a replacement for the C7 A6, and is the fourth generation of the six from Audi. This particular one - with a 204 horsepower two-liter four-cylinder diesel engine. I could write this rewiew in Clarkson-style, but no, I'll try it myself. So, let's start the most boring car rewiew in the world!

About design:

Quite typical, as for Audi, and quite predictable, as for a German car. The main differences from its predecessor are a new pattern of LED running lights and a chrome strip, like on the A8.

The front looks like an A8...

The front looks like an A8...

...and the rear too.

...and the rear too.

About theinterior:

It is very similar to A8 and Q8 and this feature can immediately be added to the pluses, but with one slip of the tongue: on the bottom screen, you can enter navigation data manually, simply by drawing letters and symbols with your finger; everything would be fine, but this system does not work ... Or rather it works, but not in motion.

About the chassis:

As I said, this version (40tdi) is powered by a 2.0-liter four-cylinder 204-horsepower diesel. Full-wheel drive, BorgWarner robotic transmission with two clutches, gearbox - 7 S-Tronic. As Jeremy Clarkson said, not bad...

About prices:

From £37,444 for an empty version of Basis with a diesel engine and from £35,538 for the same, but with gasoline. It is up to you to decide whether it is expensive or not, I can only say that for a more or less shamefulspecification you need an S-Line.

✅Good driving performance, good design and decent interior.

❎The price is, to put it mildly, higher than that of the competitors Mercedes-Benz E-class and the BMW 5 series. Well, again, that puncture with the multimedia system.

Again, I need to answer the last point:

And the answer is - Yes, but only the RS6 Avant model...

If you have read to this point and you don't feel sick yet, then the review turned out to be not so bad... Probably...


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  • Was i supposed to be able to leave a star rating? It didn't let me. Anyways not bad to read. My only criticism would be check spelling and spacing, some words ran together. I think you are off to a good start.

      2 months ago
    • Thanks. As to spelling and spacing, in the latest time I have problems with my DT account.( I think it has something to do with the star rating...

        2 months ago
    • I think I need to apologize in advance for any errors related to spaces( That's a big problem... By the time I was writing, everything was all right...

        2 months ago