Audi A8 Wagon by Italian Tuner Castagna Milano

Castagna Milano who is known for building the crazy Fiat 500 Limousine, is back again at a new project, making the already luxurious and practical 3rd Gen (before the current one, the D4) Audi A8 Even More Practical - and probably cooler- than it already is, by converting it to a wagon.

As Crazy as this sounds, it is real,Castagna Milano is already working on it, and they already posted pictures of it on their Facebook Page.

The Car Also includes an Audi All-Road Model Treatment, which consists of Plastic Cladding around the wheels, silver skid plates and door sills as well as the iconic silver roof bars, according to the way headlights look like, it is based on the post-2014 facelifted A8 Sedan , Castagna Milano also mentioned that the car Will be made out of Carbon Fiber And Aluminum, while the Entire 3rd Gen A8 is built entirely out of aluminum . As indicated by the W12 Quattro Badging, It will contain Audi's trademark Quattro AWD system , coupled to a Monstrous 6.3 Liter NA W12 Good For 500 BHP

and 461 lb ft/ 625 nm of torque.

Further information is yet to be released.

Upshift Score = 7.6 /10

Sources : Carscoops, Motor

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