Audi admit their EV program is years behind Tesla

The German automaker conceded that they aren't quite as advanced as the often-controversial Tesla

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Love them or loathe them, Tesla are currently dominating the EV market in a massive way, leaving 'mainstream' manufacturers such as Mercedes, VW and even Audi racing to catch up to them and bag a slice of the EV pie for themselves.

Currently Audis only fully-electric vehicle on offer is the E-Tron, which has been fantastically well-received by critics and consumers, with Audi themselves being incredibly proud of the E-Tron, even stating in a press release that the E-Tron is the “world market leader in its segment." The figures back this up to, with 17,641 E-Trons being delivered in the first half of 2020 across the globe - impressive stuff indeed.

Despite these good numbers, Audi CEO Markus Duesmann concedes that they still have a long way to go to catch up to Tesla, largely in regards to their technology developments; Whilst the E-Tron has sold well, the range has always been its weak point, coming in at 204 miles whilst the Model X has 351 miles of range (EPA ratings.)

"Currently, Tesla has larger batteries because their cars are built around the batteries. Tesla is two years ahead in terms of computing and software architecture, and in autonomous driving as well,” Markus Deusmann, via Reuters.

Whilst it is almost unheard of for manufacturers to plainly admit they are behind the competition, with Markus being brought in specifically to catch Audi up with the competition in terms of technology, it is encouraging to see that he is taking a good, honest look at the situation.

It seems that Audi are acting on their position too, having announced back in May that they are launching a project with the specific intention of creating an EV to take on the likes of Tesla. Named 'Artemis' the project aims to have a new EV ready by 2024. The focus will be on newly-designed technology and architecture for fully-electric, highly autonomous driving, along with an "extensive ecosystem" - suggesting that Audi will also be developing their own charging and 'lifestyle' architecture to go along with the vehicle.

Whether Audi hit their target will remain to be seen, but with a 4-year development cycle being around the same as that of a traditional ICE car, it seems perfectly reasonable. In the mean time, Audi continue to develop their E-Tron with 'Sportback' and 'GT' models in the pipeline, as well as adding PHEV versions of their current models to the market, such as the A7 Sportback TFSI e Quattro released earlier this year.

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Comments (15)

  • Whilst Audi may be behind in EV-technology; One thing is certain Audi will not allow to happen: having their motors plow, uncontrollably, into other motorists... Nor will the CEO be smoking dope on a podcast

      1 day ago
  • When AUDI says that... then just look at all those crap manufacturers further down the food chain. It bodes ill for the survival of most of them.

      4 days ago
  • Euro car companies aren't used to getting their clocks cleaned by a US company in the latest automotive technology. Forgot that Tesla comes from Silicon Valley, not Detroit. But, the first step is to admit you have a problem, which Audi seems to be doing. But they are more than 2 years behind. E-tron is Model Y sized, but the Y is better on every measure. $20 grand more for your Audi luxury that you can enjoy whilst sitting at the recharge station, which you will be because the range is only 2/3 that of the Y.

      5 days ago
    • Tesla's build quality is rubbish though.

        5 days ago
    • I think they're still learning how to launch flawlessly, but after that, they're pretty bulletproof. So much less to go wrong.

        5 days ago
  • I don’t know what’s so special about Tesla, ok they are electric but they are still high priced pieces of junk...

      1 day ago
  • Here is the clip fro the aricle "Audi planned to allow the system (self driving) to be used only on divided highways, in stop-and-go traffic at speeds up to 37 mph" - the starting premises were wrong.

      14 hours ago