Audi celebrates 10 years of the R8 with a stunning limited edition R8 V10 Decennium

7w ago


I​t's been a decade since Audi's joined the supercar game for the first time with the Audi R8 V10. Despite the fact that the V10 R8 wasn't powered by Audi, it still had a positive impact on the manufacturer's image. Instead of just being known for making luxury cars for the elderly, the company became known making desirable cars that teenagers dreamt of.

To mark 10 years of the R8 V10's production, Audi is going to build a limited run of special R8s as a sign of respect and appreciation for Audi's first supercar.

This beast will go by the name Decennium, which is latin for "decade" and will be unique for its sexy Daytona Grey matt paint finish that does the car's subtle curves justice. To contrast the exquisite paint, Audi opted for matt bronze finishes for the 20-inch rims and intake manifolds with other element such as the from splitter, side sills and diffuser are painted in gloss black. Of course this wouldn't be a supercar if it doesn't show some carbon fibre, right? So Audi finished the side blades and the exterior mirror housings in just that.

Other paints are also available if you don't find the matt Daytona Grey striking enough, with Gray, pearl effect; Suzuka Gray, metallic; Floret Silver, metallic; Mythos Black, metallic; Ascari Blue, metallic and Kemora Gray, metallic options.

The interior is all blacked out with just a few hints of bronze, naked carbon fibre and silver to please the eye. The steering wheel is covered in silky alcanatra, and so are the central parts of the sporty seats and the gear lever. The centre console is has exposed carbon fibre on it and also has a "Decennium" emblem on to remind you where the extra €22,000 went.

Because the Decennium is based on the range topping R8 V10 Performance Quattro, the 5.2 FSI V10 engine produces the same power as the base car at 620 hp and will do 0-62 mph in 3.1 seconds. To me this is slightly disappointing. Sure 620 hp is a lot, but some engine modification or at least a more sonorous exhaust system would have made this car a lot more desirable and a lot more special in my opinion. However, one thing the Decennium has is exclusivity as the car will be limited to 222 units only.

The price tag on one of these will be €222,000 in Germany, but is this special car worth the extra €22,000 you'd pay over a standard R8 V10 Performance Quattro that is equally as fast? I'd say keep the cash for a nice wrap at Yiannimize and free fuel for a couple of months.

Do you agree, or am I missing something?


T​hanks for reading!