Audi confirms it will never build another combustion engine

What a sad time to be alive...

8w ago

It's official; Audi is no longer developing any internal combustion engines ever again. This is a sign of a new era of motoring and Audi has taken the EV charge very seriously.

Audi's CEO Markus Duesmann confirmed to German publication Automobilwoche the immediate end of development of both its petrol and diesel combustion engines.

"The EU plans for an even stricter Euro 7 emissions standard are a huge technical challenge and at the same time have little benefit for the environment," the CEO said.

"That extremely restricts the combustion engine. We will no longer develop a new internal combustion engine, but will adapt our existing internal combustion engines to new emission guidelines."

Audi are essentially doing this in order to ensure its cars comply the new Euro 7 regulations due in a few years. Sure, this news may come as a shock to a lot of people, but you have to remember just how large and impressive Audi is.

They already have the highly-successful e-Tron range which is leading the way in terms of its pure electric vehicles. More will come and they will be very impressive indeed. We are very excited for Audi's future, even if it is battery powered.

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Comments (100)

  • Fuck electric cars. Fuck the epa.

      1 month ago
  • This is tragic. The days of hearing the beautiful roar of an Audi V10 are limited

      1 month ago
  • This is a sad time

      1 month ago
  • And this is exactly why all these cars are going up.. it is sad!!! I’m synthetic fuel hopeful... go Porsche!!! 😂

      1 month ago
  • Yesterday's bad news from Germany was sabine, and now this?

    Wow, if you thought 2021 couldn't get worse

      1 month ago