Audi E-Tron Launch Edition Revealed, Will Fight The Tesla Model X Head On

Those sci-fi cameras win it IMO

2y ago

After months of waiting and a couple of minor setbacks (like the CEO going to prison, no biggie), the Audi e-tron Launch Edition has been revealed at last. We now know how much Audi’s first all-electric car will cost, and when you’ll be able to whisper past your neighbours in smug silence. Do you need to cancel that Model X order?

You’ll be able to order the e-tron from early 2019 in the UK, and Audi USA says deliveries will start in the springtime. Unlike Tesla (the UK is still waiting for the Model 3, over a year after its launch), that’ll mean most global markets will get e-trons at the same time. To park one on your driveway, you’ll need £71,490/ $74,800.

But you’ll want the Launch Edition, which costs £82,240 in the UK. The specification is ‘comprehensive’, which might be under-selling it slightly. The Launch Edition comes with Matrix LED lighting, 21-inch Platinum-look Audi Sport alloy wheels, a premium leather interior and those ultra-futuristic wing mirror cameras. We’re definitely in the future now.

The cameras offer crisp, high-definition pictures of whatever you’ve just glided past. They’re heated, dirt and water-repellent, and even adjust the brightness and magnification automatically depending on where you’re driving. So if you’re in a tunnel, parking or on the motorway, the mirrors will alter to offer the best view of what’s behind you.

I know this isn’t a camera website, but bear with – these are cool. They reduce the width of the SUV by a chunky 15cm (handy for tight car parks) and massively reduce the aerodynamic drag. Conventional wing mirrors are like little parachutes that create resistance, so the cameras actually increase the range.

Speaking of the range, you get at least 248 miles on the new WLTP test. The electric Hyundai Kona will do more than that, I hear you say, but the e-tron also offers 0-62mph acceleration in 5.7 seconds and fast-charging to 80% capacity in just half an hour.

The e-tron Launch Edition also includes a panoramic glass sunroof, Audi’s snazzy Virtual Cockpit, smartphone mirroring, wireless charging, adaptive cruise control, traffic sign recognition and a 360-degree parking camera.

Should you choose to put a deposit down now, you also have the chance to own the Edition 1 version of the e-tron, which is limited to 30 cars.

What do you think of the e-tron?

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Comments (4)

  • I’m a huge Tesla fan and I have to say I’m excited that Audi and Jaguar are building compelling EVs. The offerings from Kia and Hyundai are also very interesting given their cost and range.

      2 years ago
  • The future is electric cars, The problem is for it to really happen, the price of EV’s needs to come down in price for the mass of the population, Cost is way out of line for 90% of the population, The first few years are going to either make or break some of the best cars companies coming on board. You can’t expect people to buy a $70k plus car and take out a 15 -20 year loan. Not everyone can waste money on cars like some of us do. What needs to be done in the Auto industry is MORE STANDARDIZATION. Drive cost down so cars can be made for everyone and companies can still make a profit. Battery design needs to be improved so as to do away with the use of cobalt and longer lasting for the auto industry. Build the cars with less in model numbers but with add ons for those that want everything and have the money to spend. Ford had it right a 100 years ago. Few models and standardizing sells more and makes more money..

    Be smart, be wise and people will buy.

      2 years ago
  • The Tesla won’t be any competition against the Audi. Ones a badly made gimmick that relys on marketing and a legion of fan boys, and the other will be a well made gimmick from a car company with experience in building and selling quality vehicles.

    Although to be fair, there is still time for Tesla to get its act together.

      2 years ago