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Audi e-tron´s virtual wing mirror

Audi announced their e-tron a short time ago. It will get a new feature: virtual wing mirrors. Instead of a mirror outside your car, there only will be a camera. This camera will stream the outside view onto a display mounted within the front doors.

What are the advantages virtual side mirrors?

'The result is better all-round visibility and enhanced safety for car and passengers'

Written by Audi

First of all Audi searched for a possibility to reduce drag even more; it´s pretty obvious that a smaller object creates lower drag. But moreover it helps to improve cars safety: The mirror can adjust it´s angle to fit to driving conditions. Driving backwards, the same technique is used to show you the most important place behind you. Additionally it´s possible to zoom on your display.

How to control side mirrors´ functions?

The mirror´s view is shown on 7-inch displays, one on each side of the car. These displays have HD-quality and can be controlled by touch. The mirror on drivers side can be controlled by its own display; the mirror on the other side is controlled by the same display, you can easily change options effect to other sides mirror.

Side mirror´s display with control options at drivers side. Picture: Audi

But is this system even allowed?

The easy answer: In some countries. Audi sells them as a option for your car, so you could also decide to get normal old-fashioned side mirrors. In all countries this system is allowed you can choose to get the virtual version, if it´s not allowed you also will be able to buy the version using normal mirrors. In EU-countries, virtual side mirrors are allowed. But in the US and Chine (big countries, important markets) driving these cars is not allowed.

Is it the first of its kind?

Theres no other car produced in series using virtual side mirrors. But Mercedes announced using such a system at IAA Commercial Vehicles Show, which took place a short time ago in Hanover, Germany. They will bring this system to a truck - Mercedes Actros, see it below.

New Mercedes Actros using side mirrors. Picture: Mercedes

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