Audi files patent for colour-changing technology

Welcome to the future.

16w ago

Colour-changing cars seem like something straight out of the year 2057 but according to CarBuzz, Audi has just filed patents for colour-changing vehicle technology.

Energy efficiency is important for all vehicles however it‘s especially important for EVs. According to Audi, “black vehicles consume 1-2% more energy than white vehicles in midsummer” - this is the main reason Audi wishes to implement colour-changing technology into its EV future.

Audi plans to use a display film that includes a “graphic film layer having a display ale image and a background colour, a switchable film layer and a colour coat layer. The switchable film layer is switchable between a clear state and a dark state. When the switchable film layer is energized, either the displayable graphic is displayed on a top side of the display film against the background color, or only the background color is displayed on top of the display film."

Unfortunately, there is no guarantee that this technology will make its way into one of Audi’s production vehicles however it is certainly something cool to think about…

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Comments (23)

  • Sometimes I think technology has gone too far, why on Earth would I want a colour changing Audi?

      3 months ago
    • Why would anyone want a (new) Audi in the first place?

        3 months ago
    • I mean the only cars that excite me from them are the TT, RS models, and the R8

        3 months ago
  • They could always go to hotwheels if they need help! But seriously, this could be really cool - if done correctly. If the colours are faded and don't change as planned, or if they require specific conditions to operate, it could become more of a very expensive gimmick than anything else.

      3 months ago
  • I come to drivetribe to escape the depressing fall of the country I love, and I find even more depression.

      3 months ago
  • My god that's going to make it hard to get an insurance.

      3 months ago
  • Great might buy a Audi to out run the cops

      3 months ago