A​udi has intentions of keeping a seemingly useless feature on their future EVs

S​ome may not like this

8w ago

D​o you like Audi’s current philosophy of a massive grille on the front of the car? If not you may have hoped that it was leaving the front of their cars for their EV-centric future but sadly for you(or thankfully if you do like it) they are keeping the grille on their cars for the forseeable future.

B​ig grilles have become quite common on cars in recent years and they are controversial as some don’t like the imposing and potentially ugly look presented by them but others like the fact that they make a statement about who the person driving it is saying and how they feel about their purchase. That is why Audi wants to keep their singleframe grille as it is a key way to differentiate modern cars. It certainly looks imposing with the size of it and premium brands are all about making a big impression so this isn’t a bad move from the face of it.

T​he reason why this could be seen as surprising is because in EVs a lot of people see the grilles as needless and a waste of everything they impact. Some brands like Porsche and Tesla do not use grilles on their EVs as they don’t feel that they need it.

I​n the future it will be renamed to an ‘electric face’ which sounds like the most basic and unimaginative name ever. In 2026 the last ICE Audi will be launched(Q8 MK2) and after that all Audi’s will be EVs.

Other then the shape of the grille Audi’s future design language is currently unknown but the truth is that cars are becoming more minimalist so differences will become tighter between brands. The texture inside the grille shapes could change as well as shown in these pictures below:

W​ill the grille become the only difference between different brands?

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Comments (5)

  • I reckon Teslas look stupid without their grills, and Porsche only look alright because they’ve traditionally been rear engined. Big grills are generally ugly but they’re still better than no grill at all

      1 month ago
    • I agree here

        1 month ago
    • I perfectly agree here. Some big grilles are decent and in the right application I think they can be the right thing to do. At least Audi are actually trying with their grilles.

        1 month ago
  • Honestly I don’t mind it audis grills always looked good anyway

      1 month ago
  • Who cares if the grille is big or not as long as the car looks good. You are overthinking this like hell.

      1 month ago