Audi is offering a free virtual factory tour to keep enthusiasts busy

Like its cars, the tour can be customised as per your interests

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Living in a world under the influence of a pandemic limits the number of activities one can carry out. Sadly, the list of activities you can do is far outweighed by the ones you cannot. And for car enthusiasts, that doesn’t leave much to do. Especially when you take out the best part - driving.

However, Audi feels biting the big of curiosity might be a good way to pass the time at home. And to keep the car nerds busy and wanting for more, Audi is offering a virtual tour of its manufacturing plant in Ingolstadt, ahem ahem…. for free!

Interested users can stream the entire virtual factory tour by sitting in their home and having a laptop or mobile phone screen in front. The German carmaker is offering experienced tour guides who will talk you through the virtual tour where one can watch how an Audi is made, from the first production steps in the press shop to the final manual operations during final assembly.

If you’re wondering how Audi is deploying these tour guides in their manufacturing plants amidst a lockdown, they aren’t. These tours will be narrated live from a studio where the guide will explain the production process. As the plant remains shut courtesy of the pandemic, users will be shown a series of video sequences to explain the different aspects of the production line.

This entire virtual experience will be a matter of roughly 20 minutes. The duration may vary based upon the individual interests of users from around the globe. The tours will be available in German or English, and interested users can book their preferred day and time slot by visiting

Similar to their cars, Audi is offering a fair amount of customisation here as well. Users can choose between talking to their guides or having a chat with them. Furthermore, they can select from aspects like the company’s history, involvement in motorsports, production sites or any specific series of cars from the production line on which the user wants to gain more knowledge. Viewers can even shoot questions on the technological front like driver assistance systems, construction techniques or Audi’s famed Quattro four-wheel-drive system.

With AudiStream, Audi claims to be the first manufacturer to offer online discovery tours. Although this streaming service has been operational since November 2019, Audi expects to see higher utilisation of it in current times.

Speaking of current times, the AudiStream’s schedule for the ongoing month starts from Wednesday, April 8, 2020. The virtual tours will available on Wednesday and Thursday of every week for the next two weeks. This service will get restricted to Wednesdays for the last two weeks of the month.

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