Audi is using a Cars and Coffee event to debut the E-Tron GT

What would normally be an unusual place to debut a car makes a lot of sense nowadays

2w ago

Back in February, Audi announced their E-Tron GT electric coupe concept would go production and the automotive community was elated. This was one of the rare times that a well-received concept would be sold to the consumer largely unchanged (looking at you, Toyota FT-1). With 469 electric ponies in the base model and 590 in the RS model, this sexy and futuristic coupe is ready to tear up a road near you.

Reviewers have gotten first dibs on the car, resulting in a plethora of different takes on Audi's first electric coupe, from Doug Demuro to Chris Harris. But watching a video just isn't the same as seeing one in person. Audi feels the same way, so they're bringing the E-Tron GT to North America. The way they've chosen to do so, however, is not so conventional.

Usually when a car is debuted, it's done at a landmark dealership or a press event. But these are not "usual" times and our COVID problem have not yet been solved. So knowing that in-person press events are a bad idea and that dealerships can't handle high traffic safely during a pandemic, Audi has chosen to debut the E-Tron GT at Malibu Cars and Coffee.

Cars and Coffee in San Clemente has gone on throughout the pandemic, with a few pauses during extreme spikes.

Cars and Coffee in San Clemente has gone on throughout the pandemic, with a few pauses during extreme spikes.

Given that COVID spreads most rapidly in crowded indoor settings, a Cars and Coffee event is a surprisingly good place to debut a car to the public right now. Cars and Coffee events are outdoor, allowing for significant natural ventilation. They also promote distancing because a parking lot tends to be much larger than an indoor space. Additionally, this particular event is not heavily attended nor is it very easy to get to, meaning there's less of an opportunity for crowds to form.

Personally, I think it's not only a great way to safely way to debut a car, but it's a thoughtful way to bring such new technology directly to potential costumers. I'll be attending this Saturday. Feel free to come find me and say hello!

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Comments (31)

  • Malibu seems about right. Itโ€™s a community with plenty of folks who have the money required to purchase them.

      19 days ago
  • Uh oh... thatโ€™s not going to end well...

      19 days ago
  • Will it drift out of the event and kill 20 onlookers?

    Oh, wait itโ€™s not the debut of the Mach E

      18 days ago
  • Dam thatโ€™s actually a good idea, with every important car show cancelled

      18 days ago
  • Our Marin C&C is really nice, the SF C&C has become a douchefest but Marin is filled with people who have had money but a lot have been involved with creative pursuits, some interesting stuff shows up and the people are really nice. EVs are interesting in that we have preconceived notions about the reliability of the internal combustion vehicles these brands have made. I have friends who had Audis that were awful, perhaps they are better now, but if it's an EV all of that is out the window. The Toocan... Taycan... is cool, but I think the Audi looks better, I would have picked an ICE Porsche all day long but now... maybe we have to rethink it all.

      18 days ago