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If you've spent pretty much any time at all on the internet in the last few years, you'll have probably come across the vapourwave trend. Combining grainy VHS-quality aesthetics, washes of 80s and 90s inspired colour and music with a sonic quality you can only get out of that late-era analogue and early-era digital equipment, it's something that's become hugely popular because of the waves of nostalgia it evokes on anyone who remembers the 80s and/or 90s.

Not ones to be left behind on the trends, Audi have chipped in with their own little bit of vapourwave. Some of you, especially the Americans among us, may know that to celebrate the arrival of the RS6 Avant to American shores Audi made a super cinematic piece titled An Avant Story - a film that focuses entirely on the various different developments and models of an institution in the Audi model lineup. As part of this film, there was a scene of a boy watching a period-correct commercial for the Audi RS2 Avant. Now Audi have revealed that this was part of a fully shot promotional film for the RS2 and they've decided to upload the whole thing to YouTube!

The "easter egg" advert is everything you'd expect from a gloriously cheesy affectionate parody of 90s car adverts. Full of hilarious tongue in cheek narrations delivered via a note perfect transatlantic accent and a cameo appearance from old Audi pal and former racing driver Hans-Jochaim Stuck (the mooning plush toy in the rear window of the RS2 is the exact same one he stuck in the rear window of his 1989 IMSA winning Audi 90), it's a beautiful peek into a nostalgic universe that happened but also kind of didn't happen.

Yes, you too can have a HI-FI STEREO!

To stay true to the aesthetic of the advert, the production team went almost overboard in keeping it period correct. They didn't use any recording equipment that was made after 1994, they made sure the cheesy overlaid text was as gloriously wobbly as possible and the edits, cuts and ridiculous visual jokes are all absolutely on the nose for the era. They even made sure the RS2 used in the advert was in the classic Nogaro Blue colour scheme. This was clearly more than just part of a promotional video to advertise the arrival of the RS6 in America - this was a film done with pure passion and care by a production team who were allowed to go absolutely haywire with all that vintage equipment.

The legendary 2.2 litre inline 5 20v turbo engine

The coolest part of this video though is the final scene, where it says that the Audi RS2 Avant is now finally available in the USA after 25 years. Yes, that means the legendary monster estate has passed the 25 year imports rule, meaning that you can freely import them into America! This is a very cool and maybe even self-aware move on Audi's part - I have to wonder whether Audi USA will get in contact with anyone in the US who imports one themselves after seeing this advert. Whoever the first person is to get one of these RS2s into America will certainly be the talk of a lot of motoring communities!

There is actually a pretty decent community of car-related vapourwave out there that I've discovered whilst aimlessly trawling through the internet. I feel like it would be worth dedicating an article to in itself at some point...

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  • About 12yr ago i got offered an RS2 for £14k. It was a bit rough. I so so wish i had bought it with hindsight.

    3 days ago
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