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Audi R8 V10 Performance: Old Habits Die Hard, this is still mad as ever

This car still has the best engine in the world

2y ago

Go on then, this is your favourite car...

It definitely is. I just love the R8 simply because its a V10 dinosaur and the perfect Italian and German combo. It has from Italians what they do best-"Engine" and from Germans what they do best-"Electronics". This was the car that introduced me to the German car world.

Does this car benefit Audi?

Gloom-ridden question but correct point. This car shares its bits and pieces from its Italian sibling, the Huracan, but it wears a badge that is on some dreary Diesel SUVs but was also on one of the greatest Rally cars ever made. Most people also think that this is a big Audi TT with a second-hand Lamborghini engine. Contrary perspectives of seeing a thing you see.

Credit: gtspirit.com

Credit: gtspirit.com

It's got more gills and plastic

It indeed has. The nat-asp V10 makes it unfriendly with Polar bears and the increased use of plastics makes it an environmental villian. Its a facelift surgery. The word "Facelift" shouldn't exist for cars like this but then Audi has done it. Audi took the standard R8 and said,"Less maike the front look mehr like the Huracan Evo" This exterior though is good for Iron Man.

Apart from the powertrain how is it?

If you minus the engine out of the R8 equation, it becomes a bit lukewarm. Audi has not been able to raise the rest of the car to excruciating standards of that beautiful powertrain.

Credit: gtspirit.com

Credit: gtspirit.com

Where is the German personality of this car?

All of the German persona lies in the inrerior of this car and as a result of that it is very organised. Everything is where you want it and umm... you need to be nit-picky to find flaws where you sit. The seats are something that spoil a bit of your driving experience as they don't give you a sweet hug, Bucket seats would be better.

Credit: gtspirit.com

Credit: gtspirit.com

The Interior is not that exclusive is it?

No, it isn't as this car is at the end an Audi. So you can relate its interior mostly to a TT and sometimes to cars like the A8, A6.

Credit: gtspirit.com

Credit: gtspirit.com

Audi's made the exhaust pipe larger so...

Well it does not mean that the noise has increased. Not much difference in the loudness.

But there must be a Sports Exhaust to make things louder

There isn't because EU lawmakers at Brussels have removed this button from the R8's steering wheel. You can't be that anti-social. The savage musical note of the 10 cylinders is not heard untill you put your foot down and its valve opens.

Credit: gtspirit.com

Credit: gtspirit.com

What is the word "Performance" doing in its name then?

An R8 like this was earlier known as the V10 Plus but that name was not that plausible. That word also adds 10hp more to the car but horsepower is something that you don't notice. You only notice the noise and the fact that you are driving one of the last naturally-aspirated engines.

Lets talk about what this car is all about-"The Engine"

Yes, we'll start just after I have stopped fiddling with my Tome of Superlative Adjectives.

Now I am ready. This car has got the best car in the world. This car was made to celebrate 10 Le Mans victories for Audi and now the company no longer competes at Le Mans, but so what, we are now celebrating this engine. Its craving for revs is on another level, it just needs more and more revs. The noise is sonorous, majestic, extravagant, soulful, exciting, thrilling, exhilirating, luxuriant.

Ooh, that was a lot of adjectives.

It was. I can even say more. Just can't get enough of describing this engine.

Credit: gtspirit.com

Credit: gtspirit.com

Audi's going electric. That will affect the R8

*SOB* it will. Even though Audi has given us an adoring electric supercar concept, this powetrain is irreplacable, just in the way Iron Man is irreplacable. Audi will soon do with the R8 what VW is doing with UP!. Make it electric. Just like the UP!, the R8 is not a profitable asset to Audi but very enjoyable. The electric fate will soon engulf the R8 into its high voltage black hole. *WEEP*

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