Audi have shown the general public their contender for the SUV market. How does this one stack up against it's rivals?

2y ago

What are the key ideas behind it's success?

Imagine of all the luxury car manufacturers who have not only perfected the supercar but are now challenging their rivals in a completely different market. This is Audi. The R8, which is one of my favourite cars, has been their most recognisable car ever after stealing the crown of the extremely decadent S8 Saloon but Audi wish to change this as they aim to explore a completely different market, the SUV market, with the new Q8.

The infamous Audi '8' club is set to introduce it's third member, the Q8, does this mean that it will be as successful as the other Audi's? Due to the rise in demand for SUV's in recent years, companies like Lamborghini and Maserati have tried to attract customers to their brand. Arguably, Audi have expertly revealed this car at such a peak time as they want to cement themselves as the best SUV manufacturer, already proved by the smaller Q7. The Q8 is committed to the idea to "combine the elegance of a luxury coupe with the comfort, convenience and versatility of a large SUV" says the creator of the Q8.

City SwagMobile or Off Road Racer?

Where other SUV were questioned to whether they were meant for off-road use or just for urban use, Audi have managed to escape the criticisms. The Q8 is simply meant for a balance of both as suggested by it's sloping roofline which is more lower than a Q7 but chiefly, higher than that of a Urus. This places the Q8 in a gap where top manufacturers have failed and some only dream of exploring one day as the Q8 boasts extreme luxury alongside ragged dependability and a whiff of an all terrain vehicle about it.

Is it worth the £65k price tag?

For first time buyers into the luxury SUV range, it may be a bit overwhelming, however, if you are willing to part with that large sum of money, there are some benefits. It is possibly one of the best looking SUV's that are currently on sale as the Q8 has the biggest grille ever fitted to a car, arguably improving styling.

The rear legroom is very good and quality of the interior, as is with all Audi's, undoubtedly impeccable. The reclining rear seats and brilliantly quilted leather provide an experience that would only be available in a limousine. One of the standout features is the impressive infotainment system which includes small details that really makes driving a little bit more easier, an example would be the seamless integration of the main console in the dashboard to give a sleek finish to the cabin, which just shows how much attention Audi have given the interior of the new Q8. The closest rival to this is the new BMW X6 but does the BMW make you feel as relaxed as this does?


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  • Great....but will it make it to the US?

      2 years ago
    • I don’t see a reason why it wouldn’t!

        2 years ago