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Audi Sport confirms that its range will be fully electrified by 2030

Plug-in hybrids and electric vehicles on the programme

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In order to face the future, electrification will be a must for the vast majority of manufacturers. Even the sports brands will have to go through this process to ensure their long-term survival. Sebastian Grams, CEO of Audi Sport, has officially confirmed that the S and RS range will be fully electrified by 2030.

The introduction of electrification will of course be gradual, with an initial target of 50% of models being electrified by 2024. The current Audi S and RS engines will be equipped with 48V mild-hybridization with cylinder deactivation. The first milestone will be reached in 2026 with the introduction of the all-new plug-in hybrid RS4.

By then, Audi's sports car division will sell 80% electrified models and will aim for 100% by 2030 with the addition of new fully electric vehicles. While the future of the S and RS SUVs is assured, the question of whether the fiery R8 will continue to exist is still up in the air. The TT will be gone for good.

Photo credits Audi

Photo credits Audi

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  • But the 4.0 TTV8...

      7 days ago
  • 😒

      7 days ago
  • I guess the E-Tron GT was just a starting point.

      7 days ago
  • Sums up the individual buying Audi's these days 🤷‍♂️

      4 days ago
  • I am going to find out if futurologists who help write film scripts are time travellers as literally every film based in the future from the 1990's-2010's has had predictions now coming true. The film irobot set in the year 2035 features electric Audi cars and a whole bunch of technology that is starting to become true now. One thing they do add in these futuristic films though is the fact that internal combustion vehicles still exist in the future as in the irobot film their is a internal combustion engine powered motor bike in it as Will Smith's character is a sort of anti technology guy who doesn't like everything controlled by a computer and even likes to drive the Audi RSQ in the film in manual mode not lazy autopilot mode.

      7 days ago