Audi to expand their charging infrastructure by 5,000 points by 2025

700 million euros will be invested in fast-charging points by 2025.

6d ago

IONITY, working with Audi, aim to massively increase the size of their charging network by 2025 in one of their biggest moves towards a sustainable future. The current network which consists of 1,500 charging points is inadequate to sustain a large population of electric vehicle users and so this number will be increased to around 7,000 by 2025. The number of locations will also be increased from the present 400 locations to more than 1,000 scattered across Europe.

The new, 350kW charging points are some of the fastest fast-charging points available and each location will be designed from the beginning with 6-12 charge points and the ability to expand depending on utilization. This strategy pairs well with Audi's EV charge as they aim to release a shocking range of 20 all-electric cars by 2025 and by 2026 they plan to cease production of all but their EV line-up.

Many people complain that these charging stations are actually no better for the environment because the grid is powered by over 50% non renewables but IONITY reject this philosophy and power all their charging stations with renewable energy, making it emission free and carbon neutral. The company have also done a lot to improve the usability and convenience of their service with a simple swipe of a card or tap on an app allowing your car to begin charging.

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Comments (2)

  • These manufacturer specific change stations are dumb, time to make them universal like a gas stations.

      5 days ago
    • I agree with you, standardisation would make it much more appealing. I guess that is why Tesla are allowing more people to use their superchargers now

        5 days ago