Audi TT is back! But is it all that new?

Sports exterior and interior updates, according to Audi.

42w ago

Some years ago, one of the finest coupes that looked spectacular and was fun to drive was the Audi TT. It was Teutonic and with Audi's heavily acclaimed RS badge, got sporty credentials too. However, with the coming of age, there were new rivals grappling and there were other options in the VW family too like the Porsche 718 Boxster. In a bid to cut costs on platforms, the chassis that was also underpinned by the VW Beetle had to be discarded. This marked the imminent decline of both these landmark models.

However, let bygones be bygones as Audi seems to have recuperated the TT. That said, don't get enthralled right in the beginning as this in my eyes is nothing more than a special edition, manufacturers are known to be hurling at their cars. It just gets a slew of revamps, on the body and the interior.

Named the S Line Competition Plus, the package is available on the 45 TFSI trim with a radiator grille, side air inlets, sill trims and a diffuser happening to be a corollary with most minor updates. There's also a black styling package which adds glossy black decorations to the obvious bits like wheels, diffuser, the grille, wing mirrors, air inlets and a pint-sized rear spoiler. While this has become too rife and for some, blasé, this is really in the vogue these days to keep people in its verve. I would have liked to see a revolutionary model instead of just these bits of little worth. The standard 19-inch rims if found too run off the mill, can be upgraded to larger 20-inchers. Customers can feast their eyes on four quirky colors namely, Turbo Blue, Tango Red, Glacier White and Chronos Gray.

The interior of the TT doesn't even get the minimal changes that the exterior does as it has been borrowed straight from the S Line Sport package. Which means you get a dark coloured cockpit to reside in. The seats are swathed in leather and black alcantara. However, to add a wee bit panache to the now perfunctory interior, you also get to choose between blue and red stitching for the seats, steering wheel and dash. Metallic accents on the side of the seats painted in the exterior colour is also something to write home about. The A/C vents can also be coloured in either Tango Red (reserved for the coupe), Turbo Blue or Slate Gray which comprise the options list for the central tunnel as well. What do you make of this update?

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Comments (3)

  • Huge fan of the original. Now? Meh.

      9 months ago
  • I’m just glad it’s still being made! Cheers!

      9 months ago