- The Audi Type A ( Photo Credits : www.wikimedia.org )


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Today, Audi is one of the most technologically advanced car manufacturers in the world, still, at its beginnings, the company was not so stellar.

August Horch, founder of the Horch and Audi industries ( Photo Credits : www.dpma.de )

In fact, it was 1908 when Horch's board of directors accused its founder, August Horch, of excessively squandering the company's funds for experiments that were not profitable.

Front section ( Photo credits : www.wikimedia.org )

After a long period of tension with the members of the council, August Horch left the industry he founded on July 16, 1909. Soon he opened on his own a new production company of cars. He was joined by some loyal former co-worker who also left the Horch to follow him.

Upper section ( Photo Credits : www.wikimedia.org )

Since August could not use once again his old brand mark, which was still used by the Horch company, he chose to use the name Audi, as a Latin translation of his surname.

The original Horch 10PS ( Photo credits : www.wikimedia.org )

The first car of the new company was a torpedo called Type A, which was based on the same structure as the contemporary Horch 10PS, of which the new factory manager could still exploit the characteristics without legal traits.

The Type A was equipped with a 2.6 hp four-cylinder engine with a capacity of 22 hp managed by a four-speed manual gearbox and combined with rear-wheel drive.

The next Audi Type B ( Photo Credits : www.wikimedia.org )

Able to reach the top speed of 70 km / h, the car had a fairly successful commercial selling 140 copies until 1912, when it was replaced by the new Type B.

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