Audi unveils modified logo to promote social distancing

The four rings move away from each other in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic.

49w ago

Having been in circulation for nearly 90 years, the ‘four rings’ logo employed by Audi is one of the most recognisable badges in the car industry. They represent the coming together of four different companies – Audi, DKW, Horch, and Wanderer – to create what was known as Auto Union.

Currently, the human race is being faced with one of the biggest challenges it has had to face in recent history, Coronavirus. Yes, the terrible disease that is not only spreading amongst people but has also managed to take over every news source on the planet is forcing us to stay in our homes and, more appropriately, avoid coming together.

This is a measure to prevent the COVID-19 spread that many are struggling to get to grips with despite almost every world leader enforcing. People are still meeting up in the few open bars and cafés and Audi has decided to do something about it.

In a post on Audi’s social media channels, the brand has begun promoting the by now well-known phrase, social distancing. The short video shows the four rings of the Audi logo separating before “keep distance” being appearing underneath. The caption tells people to, “Stay at home, keep your distance, stay healthy, support each other.” A nice message in this time of crisis.

If Audi is able to separate four elements of its logo that have been stuck together for so long, I’m sure we can all stay in our houses and put an end to social gatherings for the next few weeks. Not only will preventing the spread of coronavirus reduce the risk of you or your family getting severe symptoms. It will also keep the length of the current quarantine to a minimum.

Obviously, Audi isn’t going to change its logo indefinitely to four rings all sat next to each other. However, it could be a nice idea to create a limited-edition model that features this ‘coronavirus edition’ logo instead of the usual one once the pandemic is over.

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Comments (30)

  • Maybe they should tell their drivers to also social-distance when driving behind cars 🙄

      11 months ago
    • I wanted to say exactly that! But then again, even in their cars they do keep the recommended distance of 1.5 meters...

        11 months ago
    • Well yeah I guess that's true 😂

        11 months ago
  • Nobody need it! It‘s silly, read the news!

      11 months ago
  • Timely, Clever and Smart

      11 months ago
  • What a waste of time!

      11 months ago
  • Audis are a pile of shit, when they come up for their major service man do they cost a packet.

    whats the point in buying them, just a silly trend.

      11 months ago