Audi will add a V6 variant to the R8 family

Audi's latest version of the R8 has been spotted testing and it's not what you might expect

3y ago

Various photos have been circulating recently of the latest generation Audi R8 testing with some basic camouflage on the rear of the car. Some suggested this could be the early stages of a new R8 'GT' variant that we saw in the latest generation but it's not that.

This is actually a V6 version - a first for the R8 production line. The naturally aspirated V10 engine has been swapped out for a lower displacement in the shape of a twin-turbo 2.9-litre V6 which can also be found in the Audi RS4, RS5 and the soon to be released Q5 RS. The Porsche Panamera also shares the same engine as the two companies have joined forces to develop an engine family dubbed as the KoVoMo.

In the previous generation, the R8 was also offered with a V8 which was never followed on to this model. The V6 will fill that gap due to a V8 not being an option due to expense for the Chinese market and emissions complications.

The performance figures for the V6 R8 are yet to be released but the very similar engine in the Porsche produces 434bhp with 405lb-ft of torque. We can expect a more pumped up version with an output of around 500bhp to sit below the standard V10 example, although Audi told Autocar that it will come with more than one power output hinting at a Plus version in the future.

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