Audi will bring 2 new RS models later this year

A great year for Audi RS division

1y ago

The first Audi RS model was released in 1994, and it was the glorious RS2 avant. To celebrate the success of the RS division and the birth of the RS2, Audi has just announced that they will bring 2 all-new high performance cars later this year.Audi hasn't told us, though, what models will get a performance version, but we can make a pretty good guess.

Everybody is waiting for a new RS6 avant, packing up over 600hp in order to challenge the BMW M5 and the Mercedes E63. That will probably happen, considering the success of the previous generation and the huge appreciation by car enthusiasts. I don't think we'll see an RS7, since BMW and Merc have ditched the M6 and the CLS63, and neither an RS8.

Instead, the other possible cars to wear an RS badge are from the crossover range from Audi, but especially the Q8, Throughout the year, a mule could be seen on a few tracks which seemed to be a Q8. It makes perfect sense for Audi to build one, since BMW will produce an M version of the X7., and the RS Q8 is more possible than an RS Q7, since the Q8 is the sportier version. Rumors say it might be equipped with a 670hp hybrid V8 engine, so it will surely be fast.The RS Q2 and RS Q3 could also happen, since there is already an R version of the T roc -the car they share the platform and the engines.

Audi already sells 4 RS high performance models - the RS3, the RS4, the RS5 and the TT RS.

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Comments (13)

  • What a clueless article.

    "I don't think we'll see an RS7, since BMW and Merc have ditched the M6 and the CLS63, and neither an RS8."

    The RS7 has already been spotted many times being tested in public with camouflage.

    BMW hasn't ditched the M6 and the CLS63, does the M8 or the AMG GT63 ring any bells to you?

    Not only that but the second and third paragraphs contradict each other.

      1 year ago
  • The new RS3 - alloy block model is an absolute weapon. Those not familiar with tuning may not realise. For less than 2k in Aus, about 1k in the US, you can get it tuned to run on either 98 (US - 93) or E85.

    On E85 with no other modifications, ie stock air filter, intercooler, exhaust etc it can achieve a 10 second quarter mile, sub 3 second 0-60mph time. Incredible really, no surprise it’s so popular with cash up young guys.

      1 year ago
    • I've debated buying an RS3 as a daily to supplement my manual Mustang. So quick and such a beautiful sound

        1 year ago
  • R8 RS. That'd be sick

      1 year ago
  • The RS3 sedan is and will always be my fav just because of the 5-cylinder

      1 year ago
  • diesel sh*t

      1 year ago