Audi's 'Sky Sphere' concept is a magnificent open-top lounge

And it's ultra-long

Audi recently teased three ‘sphere’ cars - Grand, Urban and Sky - a trio of concept cars designed to inspire production vehicles that will cater for motorists in three different ‘spheres’ of motoring: Grand (as in Grand Tourer), Urban (an MPV) and Sky, open-top driving.

The German brand released a few photographs of the Grand Sphere and it looks promising but, as you can see from the teaser images here, the Sky Sphere looks even better. Set to be revealed at Audi’s Four Rings design centre in Malibu, California on August 10, the Sky Sphere will then debut at the IIAA Mobility show in Munich.

Audi Senior VP Henrik Wenders and Head of Design Marc Lichte also shared a short film to talk about the 1937 Horch 853A Cabriolet, the vehicle that provided inspiration for the Sky Sphere.

The 853A, officially known as ‘Horch 853 Voll & Ruhrbeck Sport Cabriolet’ was made by Horch, a German manufacturer that was later acquired by Auto Union (by merger), which was in turn acquired by VW and merged with NSU to create Audi.

The Horch and the Sky Sphere share the same basic shape: they're both long and slender. “The basis for good design are proportions," said Lichte. "These proportions are simply awesome - long wheelbase, no overhang, huge bonnet. This car offers king of the road feeling. All of this is the inspiration for our concept car, the Sky Sphere."

The Sky Sphere is a convertible, as confirmed by Audi, and it is also, according to Lichte, a ‘sports transformation vehicle’, a real sports car that can transform itself into a self-driving lounge. an autonomous lounge.

It's unclear whether Audi will actually turn this into a production vehicle or if this is just a design study, which will spawn yet another SUV and end up in a museum shortly thereafter. I hope they build it.

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