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Upgrading your Gen 3 audio has never been easier thanks to the range of Audison Prima plug and play upgrades which are now available at Lohen. With amps, subwoofers, door speakers and tweeters available you can fall in love with music all over again.

Audison Prima Audio Upgrades:

- Subwoofers

These Audison Prima 8” subwoofers are perfect for any audio lover wanting to improve their MINI’s bass without boot space. These speakers are a direct plug and play upgrade which offer crisp and clear low-frequency bass. Fitted within 30 mins and costing only £460, these speakers will make a massive difference to the bass reproduction your MINI is capable off. Scan the QR code below to watch our installation and see just how easy installing these speakers really is.

- Door Speakers and Tweeters

The Audison door speakers have high powered voice coils that are great for dissipation and stiffness. For those with the OEM speakers, a door speaker and tweeter combination is offered and for the Harman Kardon upgrade, an a-panel tweeter is included both of these options give your MINI the perfect natural sound. These speakers are a direct fit and provide a simple plug and play solution from £230.

- 8.9 bit Amp

Upgrading to the Audison 8.9 bit Amp (£820) will provide cleaner audio signals that enhance the sound and warmth of your music compared with the stock version. The Audison Prima amp helps to remove distortion and transforms the quality of the sound that comes through your MINIs speakers without requiring any other modifications.

- The Complete Upgrade Package

Improving your MINIs audio quality has never been easier and with this complete upgrade package, it takes no time at all. This package includes the three elements above with the addition of a new audio tune for the amp when fitted here at Lohen. Working together these audio upgrades enhance the bass and clarity of your music allowing you to fall in love with your favourite songs all over again.

For more information on any of these audio upgrades simply head over to our website or contact our team.

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