Aura: the sports car for the future (or is it?)

There's a new British sports car on the block, and if you have money, it's worth a try.

Aura is not a company that you regularly read about in the press or online, although that might be the case soon, as they have unveiled a concept sports car which aims "to show what is possible for the future of driver’s cars".

Having secured investment from a variety of companies, including the Office for Zero Emission Vehicles, Aura have built a car with low drag, sleek design and a rear-drive all electric powertrain. Furthermore, the electric car has a range of 400 miles, even longer than the range top-of-the-market Model 3 Tesla.

Furthermore, according to the developers, the concept car is the first British car to run on Android Automotive OS, which has been mainly used on cars made by Volvo, including Polestar 2.

I must say that although the car looks good, I have some concerns; firstly, the car has Caterham syndrome - no windscreen or roof - and therefore it lacks suitability in the British weather. Secondly, will the car be useful for anything else other than racing, because as Top Gear proved, cars that are for the track only are completely useless in everyday life.

Then again, maybe Aura will prove us wrong, so for now we should keep track of what the company is doing.

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Comments (2)

  • I think as a concept car, it's designed to attract attention, and not having windscreen, doors, etc., is part of that. It's a sharp design though, and I think this is part of the re-think of automotive design as we switch to electric and take advantage of what that offers. It's like the Aptera in that regard. Overall I think it's quite nicely done, and maybe this will help the IC hawks start to open to the possibilities of electric powertrains.

      4 months ago
  • I love that ngl

      4 months ago