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touch to history in her primordial kind

How do you consider, what a man that sat down for a helm can test, truly unbelievable machine? Machine that already almost one hundred years exists in this world, not simply exists here, and fully well itself! Only in Russia, exhibit of the practically finished building museum in Novokuznetsk, real sport machine 1928 (9) year of producing, on complete, excellent to motion, in the absolutely original state!! She was not touched by the hand of restorer, she practically in a primordial kind! And all this happiness, today it was on our track!! Very smart old man! 4 cylinders, about 700 blocks of volume, electro- starter, spoke wheels, aluminium basket timber-framed. device wainscot with a tachometer, speedometer, voltmeter, sensors of temperature of oil and water. That -то unbelievable, to touch to history in her primordial kind!

Quite soon opening of museum will take place retro techniques in Novokuznetsk, more than 80 units of technique will be presented there, it began machines 20 centuries, motor cycles, and certainly, cars of soviet period. the display of deserving! What costs only this AUSTIN 7!!

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  • I never realised the Austin Seven (7) had such a cult following until I visited Flying Sevens in Derbyshire. Their workshop is crammed with racing specials, including some tasty Ulster Replicas. - flyingsevens.co.uk

      3 years ago