Austin healey bugeye spite collectible classic

2y ago



"Bugeyes make ideal collectibles for enthusiasts seeking fun sports cars to drive, not trailer, though values are rising rapidly. A No. 1 concours-level car is worth $34,800, per Hagerty Insurance, with No. 4s at $8,400. Survivors of all stripes include SCCA racers, 1.3-liter Ford or Nissan engine upgrades, even Spridgets (what the similar, later generation Sprites and Midgets are often referred to) with fiberglass Bugeye hoods. Look for rear-wheel cylinder and rear axle-seal leaks and bad brake shoes, says Silberkleit, and change clutch fluid as often as you change the oil. There will be oil leaks, and the owner’s manual recommends checking the level before every drive. Keep up on regular maintenance, and the Bugeye will put a smile on your face as wide as its grille."

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