Australia Smashes World Record for Biggest Ever Burnout!

      Summernats 32, high horse power cars and a whole lot of rubber.

      If there is one thing we take seriously in Australia, it's the burnout. Being known as the land of the burnout we took great offence when our record was taken away by some Motorsport fans in Saudi Arabia with 119 cars, so we decided it was time to snatch it back.

      What better place to do that than at Summernats 32!


      With a fantastic show of power, we managed to set the record and bring home our precious title. After all, "Australia has the best burnout scene!" - Andy Lopez, Summernats Co-Owner.

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      Comments (2)

      • To think this happened 20 minutes from my house, and I wasn't there.

          1 year ago
      • Fantastic result the title returns down under ! When I think of Canberra I only think of Summernats

          1 year ago


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