Australia's Favorite Falcon 'War Bird' Set To Smoke Out The USA

Even COVID-19 can't stop a hectic skid

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YouTube celebrity and the USA's favorite Florida man Cleetus McFarland released a surprising video today that showed him in possession of one of my favorite cars ever, WARBIRD. If you've ever watched one of Cleet's videos you'd understand the suddenly hit of anxiety that surged through my veins when I saw it pop on my YouTube recommended videos.

If that wasn't panic enducing enough, he also panned out the camera to reveal that Summernats burnout champion, the KILLAB Camaro was also sitting in their workshop with the owners nowhere to be seen.

What the hell is going on?

Those who attended the recent Summernats might remember Cleetus and James travelled down under to bring their own car TOAST to the show, entering the burnout competition and just about cooking a fire marshall alive in the process.

You can check out the poor blokes near-death experience below


Anyway, the two Aussie burnout legends were shipped overseas with a literal stack of spare head gaskets before Uncle Scotty banned everyone from interntaional travel except for those on, you know, offical diplomatic business..

Suck eggs ya gronks - Scott Morrison, allegedly

Suck eggs ya gronks - Scott Morrison, allegedly

So with the cars sitting idle for the best part of 2020 and their owners Marc and Steve from Castlemaine Rod Shop unable to complete their planned US tour, they decided to hand over the keys to Cleetus to allow him to do what Aussie cars do best, blowing the tires off.

But I have to give Cleetus and James credit. They did an awesome job of prepping the cars to start, despite them being visably nervous. If you haven't seen the video it is well worth a watch, if nothing else, just to hear these two Aussie legends fire into life after what's been a pretty shithouse year all round.


The plans are to let the cars stretch their legs at various events in the USA over the next few months and maybe even finally teach the Americans how to do a decent burnout.

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