Auto Addiction banned from filming at the 'ring due to "bad press"

Auto Addiction

2y ago

If you've ever watched a Nurburgring compilation on YouTube then I can guarantee that you've watched one of their videos. In short they sit on what is known as YouTube corner at the top section of the track and film highlights of the touristenfahrten days, whether it be cool cars, drifting or near misses and crashes - it's great publicity for the track and it's great for us to watch at home... but not anymore.

Nurburgring GmbH called the police to get Auto Addiction to stop filming immediately and they were removed from the spectator stands and banned from the track. This is due to the 'ring claiming that the videos were causing bad publicity for them by the videos that showed crashes and illegal drifting. The only way around this was to get a media licence which will clearly be rejected to stop them for good.

It's pretty counter productive considering the uproar that this has caused and all in the negative reactions that the track is receiving, but also losing the free publicity that they get through YouTube views. A few of the people I know have gone there purely after watching a few videos online. Go figure.

AA posted up a video explaining what is happening from their side which can be viewed below.

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Comments (2)

  • Nah, it made people more excited to join the crowd. Should not have called the police.

      2 years ago
  • No wonder James May wants to bomb the track! The people there are pillocks. Free publicity and stuff for us people to watch? That's basically a win-win situation. But 'em Germans want 'em to stop filming.

      1 year ago