Auto Legend 2016, Nagoya, Japan

The Japanese car scene is known to be one of the most eclectic in this world. Whether you’re into PT Cruisers, Hondas, Corvettes or anything else, you can be certain that you will be able to join groups and find shops that specialize in your car tastes. Some sub-cultures tend to be more popular than other and resto-mod has seen a massive gain in popularity during the past 5 to 10 years.
Auto Legend is a one day expo that focuses on 4-wheeled legends, what their owners and popular shops do to them, be it a 60’s classic, a 2000’s hypercar, all that while listening to classic Japanese rock music.
Of course, Japan being Japan, eccentricity is never very far away. But enough words: Here is a quick look at what you missed this Sunday during 2016’s Auto Legend show in Nagoya, Japan!

Rocky Auto, from Okazaki is one of the main sponsor of the event. The owner, Watanabe-san, has always been a rockabilly fan, personal friend with numerous bands. Booth girls were also present, attracting more otaku-photographers than any other cars…

Rocky Auto specializes in Nissan’s restomods, most Hakosuka Skyline and 240Z. Recently he started experimenting with Toyota 2000 GT replicas though.

But not all those cars were replicas… That convertible on the left? Not a replica. It’s the actual car used in the James Bond’s film “You Only Live Twice”. The one on the right is a replica in current development at Rocky Auto. It has no engine for now. All the other ones in this picture? Originals.

Again. NOT a replica. (Heavy breathing…). I have to admit that I did touch the door handle, thinking “Sean Connery touched this too! How freaking cool is that!!” . I would kill to drive it.

Not all rare cars are good investments. This Italdesign/Audi Aztek production number #01 was originally purchased for 2.2 million dollars, only to sell for less than half that amount a couple years ago. Still a freaking cool car though.

Probably a "Legend" to someone... I guess?

Even asleep, notice how the keep the fire estinguisher nearby?? :)

Drag racing seems to be somewhat popular nowadays in Japan. I have never checked local tracks, but I’ll make sure to visit one sometime soon.

The build quality of this one was rather... Intriguing.

Kaito racers were also very present and not really discreet to say the least.

Nissan 180sx, mindfuck edition.

Meanwhile, by the stage, the cool guys were having fun!

If Fonzie were Japanese, he’d be that guy.

Just outside of the 3rd Hall of Nagoya Port Messe, owners were giving rides to visitors. Just two short acceleration bursts, which generated a whole lot of smiles per gallons.

All this while entertaining people with a portable dyno that would test cars all day.

The line to get a ride was very long, most likely around 1 hour for 30s on the passenger seat…

Then in the afternoon, classics got switched with super and hypercars. I’m not much a supercar type of guy, but I have to admit that Carrera GTs make me feel all strange inside…

And of course, everyone’s favorite...

Because when you look at a stock Orochi, the first thing you have in mind is that the design is not busy enough. So… thank you Mitsuoka??

Needless to say my schedule is already booked: I’ll be back next year!

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