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Autobahn speed limit proposal voted out of German Parliament

3w ago


For those who have watched The Grand Tour and laughed about the Greens Party's smog alert, well, we can laugh again. The Greens Party had proposed speed restrictions in the unrestricted speed section of the Autobahn.

..out of total 631 votes, 498 volted against the proposal..

The Greens backed up their proposal with putting forth the argument of emissions, safety and – this is my personal favourite – traffic flow improvement.

The Bundestag (German Parliament), put the proposal to vote and out of the 631 total members, 498 voted against the motion.

I reckon all petrolheads are happy with is because, not only does Germany produce some of the best engineered cars in the world, the Autobahn network allows these machines to stretch their legs within the law. I wonder whether the vote involved some sort of German 'national identity' as the Autobahn is unique to the country.

Also, it is important to take into account whether the Autobahn poses an economic benefit beyond speedy travel. You only have to visit YouTube or car websites like DriveTribe to see that petrolheads travel from far and wide to drive the Autobahn, and in doing so pump money into businesses along the unrestricted roads. Whether it be hotels, restaurants, or service stations, there must be some level of contribution that would be jeopardised by the speed restrictions.

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  • I was lucky enough to drive on the Autobahn while there and can say with certainty: Even at very high speeds the Autobahn is safer than U.S. Freeways with their speed limits. 1) Americans are terrible drivers and don't follow the rules of the road. 2) Germans are better engineers and construct much higher quality and safer roads to travel on.

    22 days ago
    35 Bumps
    • I agree with you on build quality of German cars they are way better engineered as well

      22 days ago
      12 Bumps
    • I actually meant the construction quality of their roads. But yes, they're cars are great. Too expensive to maintain and repair but designed and built extremely well.

      22 days ago
      11 Bumps
  • Hurray. EcoMENTAList lost again

    22 days ago
    23 Bumps
    • They were wrong on the principle of putting speed restrictions they deserve to lose

      21 days ago
      7 Bumps


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