Autocar launches online hub for articles about EVs

The car magazine has launched an online section on its site dedicated to electric cars.

With the 2030 petrol and diesel ban in the UK now confirmed, EV-related content on the magazine's website has been experiencing a massive amount of growth. So, the best thing that could have been in order to capitalise on this trend was to launch a separate section on the website exclusively for news regarding electric cars.

Mark Tisshaw - the magazine's editor - has expressed great enthusiasm for the new section: “The launch of our EV homepage demonstrates how Autocar continues to react to the fast-paced automotive industry, as it has done for the past 125 years. The section at the moment mainly consists of previously published articles that talk about electric cars.

I think I see a problem with this: when the ban on new petrol and diesel cars will eventually occur, what's going to happen to the main website overall? Most likely, it will have to shut down and have the writers create content for the EV section instead which will be transformed into a whole new site.

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