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Autoglym Super Resin Polish Everything you need to know!

In this video I look at what makes this the UK's most popular polish for your weekend warrior!

In this video I cover common questions about the nations favourite car polish and I look at why I think this is beneficial for beginners who want to learn how to clean cars for a living. I also show you a beginners guide on how to polish a car by hand using SRP and look at some of the pros and cons of using a stand alone polish (or all in one)

So this was one of the first ever car cleaning products I purchased along with the bodywork shampoo when I first became a car cleaner all those years ago. And I chose this because it gave me the confidence to explore car cleaning and it showed me that I could transform a car with very little effort. I found it had the potential to make more money from up sells and I could use it on car wheels and door jams too. Its definitely a favourite amongst the classic car community and many of my customers love the instant results that it provides for the those weekend drives in the summer. Ok so the durability isn't the greatest in the world but its all about compromises and what I discovered quickly was the massive market for offering polish as an upsell and not part of a package.

Remember this: If cars stayed clean all the time we would be out of business!!! I will show you how to use autoglym super resin polish and recommend the best conditions for polishing your car by hand. Many people ask me how often should they use it because they worry about removing the paint. And to be honest even though there is abrasives its not got enough to strip away your paint. So 3-4 times a year would be maximum use. You are better off protecting it on top with a wax and before you say "can't i just ceramic coat it afterwards" well the answer is no because its far better to carry out a proper clay bar decontamination & 2 stage machine polish as Autoglym has fillers which just mask the defect (Not remove them) So this is ideal for anyone who runs a mobile car wash or static unit and if you want to know more about what goes into the day in the life of a car cleaner then make sure you subscribe as we have a mini documentary coming soon.

autoglym super resin polish how to use

simple. less is more, don't apply too much product a small pea sized blob should do it. apply light pressure to begin with and start from the centre of each panel to avoid chunks of powder getting in the cracks on the car. Work in circular motion for best results to get an even coverage.

Buff off with a microfibre cloth gently to reveal shine.

apply wax on top to give it better durability. remember this is only a temporary fix. In a perfect world you must compound a car with a machine polisher for the best results

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